Clean Break

Making a break with the past (x4)

They say the sins of the father
are visit upon the son
they say that every daughter
repeats the mistakes of the mom
round and round it goes
where it stops nobody knows
there's no guarantee we'll ever be free
but just take my hand and we'll go

Making a break with the past (x4)
making a clean break
making a break with the past
making a clean break
hoping this time, hoping this time it will last

You won't see me out by the flagpole
won't catch me at Sunday school
and out on the dusty parade ground
look for one less marching fool
I refuse to be a prisoner
of symbols they put in my mind
I won't dignify what they signify
there's a god of our own we must find


The stoutest of hearts have faltered
at changing the status quo
but who are we to judge those
who stay when it's time to go
now I've joined the revolution
I know that my baby has too
we're taking a train on to the next plane
doing what we got to do


J. Stacey/Stabro Music BMI, ©1992

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