Home Sweet Universe

way down south in Boston
up north in Alabam'
west of California
east of Vietnam
on the tip top of a mountain
at the bottom of the sea
inside a tiny grain of sand
there's a universe for me
a universe for me

give the land back to the Indians
repatriate the slaves
send Columbus back across the sea
and the cavemen to their caves
and go back to the garden
give Adam back his rib
and way before the big ol' bang
is where I used to live

they say there is a spirit
but all I feel is flesh
this beating heart's going to carry me
right up to my death
and in the never after
when I'm all alone
it'll be just like I never was
and then I'll be at home
home sweet home

J. Stacey/Stabro Music BMI, ©2012

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