Long White Corridor

I never been to see no doctor
even though I'm mighty sore
So I know not where I'm going
looking for a long white corridor

I went up to the nursing station
asked the man "where do I go?"
not one word would he say to me
just pointed at a long white corridor

It smelled of antiseptics
cotton balls and alcohol
and the tiles they shone like water
the stillest river that long white corridor

I saw the Reaper in disguises
candy stripes and scrubs with gore
I knew he stalked my baby
somewhere down that long white corridor

how much more
how much more
is there to
this long white corridor?

Made my way to the IC unit
where she lay behind a door
the priest was there a'praying
hanging 'round that long white corridor

I knelt down by her bed side
tubes and needles by the score
my baby she looked right at me
but all she saw was a long white corridor

she was smiling and she was crying
I never saw such joy before
she saw her mommy and her daddy
at the end of a long bright corridor

My baby she done left me
Her sweet face I'll see no more
she stepped right into Heaven
and I walked back that long white corridor
I walked back the long white corridor

J. Stacey/Stabro Music BMI, ©2016

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