Body Body

Physique fantastique
You've reached your peak
With your body body
Pleasure and pain
It's all the same game
With your body body
Now I'm just tryin' to find your brain
The shape it's in, what it contains
I don't care when you sweat on me
I'm just tryin' to set you free
from your

body, body,
it's your hobby

In love with the machines
That treat you mean
on your body body
Working out everyday
How much you pay
for your body body
Now your hot, there can be no doubt
What else you got
Got to be found out
I'm just tryin' to get through to you
Besides looking good
There's more to do
With your

body, body
It's your hobby

J. Stacey/Stabro Music BMI, ©1988

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