Sixty Somethin'

I remember when we kept on truckin'
back in the days of sixty somethin'
it was the Summer of Love
we were takin' our shot at the moon above
Soul Power was our song
there was a dove flyin' over the strong
pluggin the guns of a vast machine
with the flowers of our hopes and dreams

Now it feels like that mojo has gone away
some hippie dude sellin' me a 401K
glossing it over like some lame joke
a stoned out vibe beneath a veil of smoke
not something beautiful and free
but an ad campaign attached to a fee
conscripted to consumer- land
a politician's all-star band

Was it all that jive?
Far out and phony, naive and contrived?
Was it just a game?
Same old folly with a different name?

Have a feeling that it can't be true
selling out, but then again to who?
the echoes ring in the children's ears
the music of aquarian spheres
an amnesty from global fears
a covenant of joyous tears
the memory lasts, the epiphany nears
for sixty somethin' thousand years

P. Stacey, J. Stacey/Stabro Music BMI, ©2009

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